Iron Ore/ Iron Vein Edit


Smelted Iron

It can be smelted by using the Smelter to turn it into Iron (used to forge Iron Sword, Iron Pickaxe in Forging Station) Edit



  • Iron Vein

    Iron Vein in the Mountains

    Mountains (Don't recommend gathering it if you haven't got the Troll Armor or You can get it if you have at least 4 stacks of Cooked Meat or more in order to survive the Freeze damage)
  • Swamp (You can also pick up some Bog Iron which can be smelted in the Smelter later on)

    Meteorite in a Crater becareful because it's guarded by the Surtlings (you dont want to get by those, trust me)

  • Meteorite in Heath Land (It's a small crater that is guarded by Surtlings)

Tip: You don't have to fight the Surtlings in order to get the Meteorite, just run through them and quickly press E to get it