You can build using a hammer within the working area of a workbench.

  • Press [1-7] to use the hammer in the hotbar slot.
  • Press [F] to switch category
  • Press [Q/E] to switch item
  • Press [LMB] to place
  • Press [RMB] to remove
  • Scroll the mouse to rotate item

To build stone structures, you need a stone cutter table.

Snap Building Edit

The building parts such as wall, roof, floor, beam and pole can snap to each other on the same height.

However, you can't make a perfect alignment to natural spawn buildings. It may appear crooked.

Structure Edit

If there is not enough support, the building parts will fall down. You may reinforce the building with walls, beams and poles.

When you move the cursor to the building part, it shows color range from green to red.

If it shows green yellow or light red, you can snap more building parts on it.

If it shows bright red, you can't snap any more building part.

Building Height

From a player's building test, you can stack up building parts until it reaches its load bearing limit.

  • Wood wall: 8
  • Stone wall 2x1 : 18
  • Stone wall 4x2: 16

Decay Edit

If the wooden building parts are not covered with roof or roof wall, they will decay especially after raining.

Building in Heath will not decay as there is no raining in that biome.

Damage Edit

Wooden building parts can be damaged by creatures or weapons.

A stone foundation or stone wall can prevent the damage from creatures.

From a player's experience, building parts which show red color might fall apart in thunder storm.

Repair Edit

You can repair building parts that seems to be decaying or damaged with a hammer.